About Wolfsangel

We live for the politics, not for the music. We see our releases as "vocal weapons". We go to demonstrations first and after that we're busy with the label. This means, this isn't a label, which cares about the money. Therefore our releases are as cheap as possible. None of the money goes into our own pockets. Every single cent is going into the movement. Unfortunately, people care a lot about the artwork of a tape or CD. We don't. This is the reason, why mainly, our tapes are sold for 2/3 euro each.

So far, we've only released some music on tape material. Since we have more money to spend in the future I will not lie about the fact that we hope to release professional CD's with RAC and Hate core. Next to that, we still will release stuff on tape. For now, that's still our main goal. But our ambitions are bigger. There is an re-release planned of Strijdgeest's "Rehearsal" on CD, with the cooperation of Blodsband Productions, from Sweden.

At the moment, we do not sell our music ourselves. This is because of a few reasons:
1. When other labels sell our music, we stay as anonymous as possible
2. When other labels sell our music, a bigger crowd will be reached
3. We do not want to start a distro ourselves (for now). There are tons of great distro's around, and we aren't doing this for the money.
4. We do not have enough releases yet, to start a web shop. When we're bigger and have more offers to make to you, then we'll make a web shop for it.

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