Current Releases

All current releases by Wolfsangel Productionen

WP001 - Aryan Assault - Sturmwerfer TAPE
 Harsh NS Noise/Terror with Black Metal influences.

WP002 - Storm Front 88 - Sul Majestoso TAPE
 Brazilian NS Black Metal.

WP003 - Sturm - The 3rd Conquest TAPE
 UK-based NS/patriotic Black Metal

WP004 - Lieder des Krieges pt. 1 TAPE
 Compilation of beautiful marching songs of the Third Reich as a tribute to the golden days.

WP005 - Wolfshof - Ieder het Zijne TAPE
Dutch NS Black Metal.

WP006 - Aryan Assault - Untersturmkrieg TAPE
 NS Noise/Terror. Only for sick bastards!

WP007 - Heretical Warlust - Heretical Warlust TAPE
 Compilation of 2 albums. Global Holocaust & Anti Sub-Human. Spanish NS Black Metal.

WP008 - Svartr Sturm - Burn the Soviet Flag TAPE  
 Mid-tempo NS Black Metal from Canada.

WP009 - Aryan Assault - A Repeat in History TAPE
 NS Noise/Terror from the USA

WP010 - Aryan Supremacy - Musikale Soldaten TAPE
Primitive German NS Black Metal

WP011 - Zagharos - Chamber of Traitors TAPE
Raw Dutch NS Black Metal with members of Aryan Tyrant.

WP012 - Neit/Whispersorrow/Count Shannath - White Skin - Black Metal TAPE
3-way split of these 3 NS Black Metal bands. Neit and Count Shannath are from the USA and Whispersorrow is from Greece.

WP013 - Rahvira - Part I TAPE
Re-release of the 2011 self-released CD. Armenian Pagan/NS Black Metal.

WP014 - Rahvira - Part II TAPE
Re-release of the 2011 self-released CD. Armenian Pagan/NS Black Metal.

WP015 - Rahvira - Our Fight TAPE
Re-release of the 2011 self-released CD. Armenian Pagan/NS Black Metal.

WP016 - Rahvira - Մարտի Դաշտում (Battlefield) TAPE
Re-release of the 2011 self-released CD. This release is a compilation/best of.

WP017 - Civic Duty - Promo TAPE
Finnish Rac'n'Roll

WP018 - K28 - In Namen des Krieges TAPE
True N.S.B.M. from  Germany

WP019 - Aryan Assault - A Call To Arms TAPE
Aryan Assault is back to the front. Newer, better, HARDER!

WP020 - K28 - Enigma TAPE
New release of  K28. Beware: This release is different then "In Namen des Krieges". 

WP021 - K28 -K 28 Död pt I (Smärta) TAPE
K28 is on a record making blitzkrieg. Here's the newest assault.

WP022 - Eisenkampf/Ancestral Purity - Celtic Insurgence TAPE
Split release of these two harsh NS Black Metal bands from the U.K. and the U.S.

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