Upcoming releases

Strijdgeest - Castle of the Black Sun Pro-CD
Re-issue of the "Rehearsal" tape release by Achtung! records. A split release with Blodsband Productions from Sweden.

Hunting Season - 2nd Freikorps Generation TAPE  
German RAC/Metal. Brutal lyrics in songs called "Hang 'em" included!

Lieder des Krieges pt.2:  Fremder Legionen TAPE
Compilation of 3rd Reich marching songs from foreign countries. Norway, Italy, Finnish, Flandrian, Waloonian, French, Dutch, Swedish, etc etc.

 March or Die - TBA TAPE
R.A.C/Oi from England. Containing demo and live recordings. Band is known for their performances on Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial festivals in England.

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