Q: Where are you from?
A: We're from Germania, that's all you need to know

Q: Do you accept trades?
A: No, since we do not sell the music ourselves, because of safety reasons. 90% of our music is illegal in most European countries. But if you have the greatest offer ever, we might could arrange something.

Q: I bought my music at a distributor of yours, but it hasn't arrived. What has happened?
A: You will have to ask that, the label or distro itself. We will, of course, contact the label about your problem. It also depends on what country you live in. Keep in mind that almost everything is illegal in some countries. The government might check incoming packages. This happened before. We are not responsible for the loss of packages. If it doesn't arrive multiple times, we will make it up to you by returning the money or sending something else, depending on the availability of the product.

Q: Do you always send stuff registered?
A: Depends on the labels. Ask for their shipping details

Q: What exactly, are your political views?
A: We believe in a National Socialist government. The way of the honorable volunteers of the Waffen SS. Therefore, we can be found more on the streets, then being busy with this label.

Q: Is it possible to order it by you and get it at a demonstration/concert?
A: Maybe. This depends on if we think we can trust you. Feel free to ask.

Q: Can we interview you/the bands you've released?
A: Of course! We'd be honored for your interest! Although I cannot speak for the bands, themselves.

Q: Can we write reviews about your releases?
A: Yes you can. Although I will not send you, original releases, since I don't make money, myself. Don't get me wrong, but then I'm taking money out of the movement for a review. I don't do such things. I can email you a .RAR file with mp3's and pictures.

Q: How can I pay?
A: Depends on the label. Almost all of our distributors use bank transfer or paypal.

Q: How can we book one of your bands?
A: You can ask me. I will contact those bands. Unfortunately, almost all of our bands are one-man-projects.

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